TO Education Programme (ITU ATOEP)

Updated: 26 Jan, 2018 08:48 am

 ITU Accredited Technical Officials Education ProgrammeThe ITU Accredited Technical Officials’ Education Programme (ITU ATOEP), targets developed National Federations with an existing Technical Officials’ Education Programme and provides the opportunity for these NFs to have their existing programmes accredited.

More information on this programme can be downloaded here.

The accreditation will be based on four principles:

  1. The NFs’ Technical Official’s levels has to match at one point with the ITU Level 1 (NTO).
  2. The NFs’ Technical Official education programme has to include a three (3) level education pathway of their National Technical Officials (NTOs).
  3. The Competition Rules of the NF must match with the ITUs’ Competition Rules.
  4. The NF structure has to comply with ITU Constitution.

The accreditation process will be articulated in several phases.

  • Request and programme submission
  • Programme evaluation
  • Accreditation
  • Control by ITU
  • Revision

The Accredited NFs will inform ITU about the NTO courses they are holding, with the place, date, programme and facilitator(s)’ names. At the end of each calendar year, these NFs can submit to ITU a list with their new NTOs, who have to comply with all the requirements, including officiating in an ITU event.

The ITU Sport Department will include these technical officials in the ITU Technical Officials’ database after it is approved by the ITU Technical Committee.

For more information on the ITU ATOEP, please contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), Senior Manager - ITU Technical Operations.

ITU Accredited Technical Officials’ Education Programmes

Country Code National Federation Accreditation year Website
AUS Triathlon Australia 2012 Link
AUT Triathlon Austria 2014 Link
BEL Belgian Triathlon & Duathlon Federation 2018 Link
CAN Triathlon Canada 2012 Link
ESP Federación Española de Triatlón 2012 Link
FRA Federation Francaise de Triathlon 2018 Link
GBR British Triathlon Federation 2012 Link
GER Deutsche Triathlon Union 2016 Link
IRL Irish Triathlon Federation 2016 Link
JPN Japan Triathlon Union 2014 Link
KOR Korean Triathlon Federation 2016 Link
MEX Federacion Mexicana de Triatlon 2013 Link
NED Nederlandse Triathlon Bond 2016 Link
NZL Triathlon New Zealand 2013 Link
SGP Triathlon Association of Singapore 2013 Link
SUI Swiss Triathlon Federation 2016 Link